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Released on December 24, 2019

Rebecca McDaniels is working on the project of her career, developing a new fuel that will revolutionize the way the world travels. The team she’s working with is excellent. Dr. Elliot Talbot, Rebecca’s mentor, friend, leads the team and keeps them all on track.

When Elliot suddenly dies, and the project takes a deadly turn, millions of lives hang in the balance. Rebecca has a decision to make. Will she act in her own best interest, or will she forget about her dreams and let her heart be broken again?

All she has to do is stop a madman, destroy her life's work, and decide between two men who are tugging on her heart—one with pure motives and one with a deadly agenda.

Awesome Book

by Brinda D. Illig
January 10, 2020
Format: Kindle Edition

I LOVE this author!!!! She has 4 or 5 other books ( I have them all, I should go count them). All her books are very entertaining and keep your interest. This book is different than her others, and still top-notch. Even though she changed the type of book (this one is Sci-Fi), it is still excellent. All her books are and I would recommend you get them all. Pretty sure you won’t be sorry. They can all be bought on Amazon. Just look up using her name. Robin L Warren

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Robin Warren's Most Unique Book Yet!

by Cassandra Owsianieck

March 13, 2020

Format: Kindle Edition

I have been a huge fan of Robin Warren's work for some time now! She has mastered the ability to make you fall in love with her characters, as well as become easily engrossed in the plot of each story! I really enjoyed her last 4 books immensely, so I was eager to read her newest book: "On Borrowed Time." I was pleasantly surprised by the very intriguing theme of the book. It was different from Robin's other works, and it had me captivated from beginning to end! I loved the twists and turns, and just when I thought I had it all figured out, another twist would sneak it's way in! I highly recommend this book to others who want an excellent read! There is no doubt that this is Robin Warren's most unique book yet!

Robin L ynn Warren

Captivating and Unforgettable

by Luanne H
March 17, 2020

Robin Warren has done it again--written a page-turner that's hard to put down! She has also shown her mastery of a different genre from the thrillers she has written before. Don't get me wrong. This book is also thrilling, but it draws you in with a science fiction plot that twists and turns. Robin's trademark ability to captivate her reader and make her characters unforgettable is still evident here. You'll love or hate them, but you will CARE about what happens to them!