My husband and I have been married since 1982.  It seems like we've always been together, and I'm so grateful.  He has supported me through all these years and encouraged me even when I walked away from my writing for a while.

We have two beautiful daughters who are now finding their own way.  One has just graduated from college, and the other is looking to start.

My hope is that my books will thrill and entertain my readers as much as it thrilled and entertained me to write these stories.  I've shared in the characters' trials and celebrations, 
joys, and grief.  When I finish a manuscript, I feel as if I'm saying goodbye to old friends. 

May these stories show each reader that love does not have to be explicit or cheap, that true love is a beautiful treasure, and that commitment is nothing to fear.

Robin L ynn Warren

Copyright 2013. Robin Warren. All Rights Reserved.