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Released 12/25/19

Copyright 2013. Robin Warren. All Rights Reserved.

Robin L ynn Warren

From the Author:

In case you're wondering, there's a pandemic going on. You're probably thinking, "Well, duh..." I don't blame you. 

Because of this stupid pandemic, everything has, of course, changed. Some things have been good and some things (many things, actually) not so good.

My family flew home for Christmas to see my father. He's pretty old and was worried he'd never see his children or grand-children again. Though some people may think that was a dangerous  or foolish thing to do, we observed all the protocols and were very careful. We are back home safe and sound, and no one is sick. I don't regret the decision at all.

I hope somehow you were able to enjoy this holiday season. It has been one of the most difficult Christmases I've ever experienced and yet one of the most joyous. I hope you experience joy as well!

Even in this pandemic, God is still in control. No matter who is in the oval office or what bug is in the air (could it be one and the same?), He, God, is still in control. We may not know what He's doing, but He is still in control.

By the way, my resolution this year is to be able to get up out of a chair without accompanying sound effects. What is your resolution? (Oh, and to publish another book.)


God bless you in this difficult time and keep you all. Amen